Saturday, January 26, 2013

"I can't go on. I'll go on".

Samuel Beckett - Patron saint of the existentially challenged.                                              Photo by - Richard Avedon 

Some days you wake up and find yourself teetering on the fulcrum of hope and despair. 

Those are the days I find myself looking to Samuel Beckett for an attitude refresh. A confusing mixture of angst and optimism runs in my family and I find his wordly philosophy accurately sums things up and offers a kind of hopeful doom that I can accept.

We have a saying - Don't dig your rut so deep you can't see over the top - but perhaps that saying falls a bit short of a solution to the rut problem...
Winnie from Beckett's play- Happy Days

As I dig myself out I will continue to follow Beckett's timeless advice...


  1. Every day I check and at last I am rewarded.
    That fulcrum. I hate that fulcrum. Coffee can tip it in the right direction, but too much coffee and by 11 a.m. it's all despair until cocktail hour.
    I'm glad you're back.

    1. Thanks Tipsy. Fulcrum o'clock does tend to come at 3AM, 11AM and 3PM. Glad you're back too.