Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Resolution I Can Keep

Every year, like everyone else, I dutifully make promises to myself that I eventually break. Sometimes my resolve builds up a great head of steam and lasts into mid second or third quarter. Occasionally a bad habit is broken or a good new one is made. This year I am planning to go about it a little bit differently. The resolutions I make will be the ones I want to keep rather than those I think 
I should make. (According to a perfunctory internet search, the top 5 resolutions for 2013 are: 1- Eat healthy and excercise. 2- Drink less. 3- Learn something new. 4- Quit smoking. 5-Better life/work balance). The sticky issues that pop up year after year on my personal to-do lists will be brushed off and considered again after a shift of the prism allows me see them in a different light. Then, if I decide they are indeed problems and not just contagious notions in the prevailing wind I will set to them with renewed vigor and a sense of purpose. 

Until then, these words of wisdom will guide my resolve.

From an poster in the window of 
A Likely Story children's bookstore in dowtown Petaluma.


  1. I did all three today.
    Maybe they should be my resolutions too.