Sunday, December 30, 2012

Momento Mori


A turbulent year. Much lost. Father, friends, childhood, possibilities - the list is long and terribly maudlin. It will be good to turn the calendar page and step forward.

Pyramid of Skulls,  Paul Cezanne

Warren Lazarus, Once upon a time in Brooklyn, Stan Mosberg, Black Rose by
Donald Sultan, Mourning pin,  a girl and her father, Roger Anderson.


  1. You need a function whereby I can enlarge these pictures and look more closely. I am particularly interested in the girl and her father. Hey! Congratulations on your new internet presence! I will be checking here daily.

  2. I agree with tipsybaker...this is a blog I want to revisit for the beauty, honesty and thoughtfulness.

  3. Beautifully rich and meaningful visuals. Congratulations on starting the new year with your new blog! I just added you to my Reading List. XO.